Governing Body


The institute functions under a Governing Body with the Honourable Minster for Health and Family Welfare, Govt. of Kerala as chairperson, the Additional Chief Secretary to Govt. of Kerala as the vice chairman. The Governing body is constituted as right side:

  • 1. The Honourable Minister for Health and Family welfareChairperson
  • 2. The Secretary to Government, Department of Health and Family WelfareVice Chairperson
  • 3. Director, IMHANSConvener
  • 4. Member of Legislative Assembly- Kozhikode NorthMember
  • 5. Member of Legislative Assembly – Kozhikode SouthMember
  • 6. Secretary to Govt. Dept. of FinanceMember
  • 7. Secretary to Govt. Planning and Economic AffairsMember
  • 8. Director of Medical EducationMember
  • 9. Director of Health ServicesMember
  • 10. Principal, Govt. Medical College, KozhikodeMember
  • 11. Head of Department of Psychiatry, Govt. Medical CollegeMember