Child Development Services (CDS)


The Chid Development Services (CDS) provides comprehensive care to children with developmental disabilities and psychological disorders. The multidisciplinary team at the CDS functions under the guidance of Dr. P.Krishnakumar who is the director of IMHANS. The team includes one assistant professor of Psychiatry and one medical officer, two speech pathologists, two clinical psychologists, early intervention therapist, occupation therapist, special educator and psychiatric social worker.

Early detection and early intervention for developmental disabilities beginning from the high risk new born follow up clinic itself is unique to the CDS. Counselling services, remedial education, speech and language assessment and therapy, occupational therapy services, and play therapy and group therapy are provided.

The CDS outpatient clinics functions on all working days as walk – in clinics. The OP registration time is from 9 am to 12 noon. Children below 5 years with developmental disorders are generally registered on Wednesdays and the adolescent clinic for children in the 10 18 year age group function on Saturdays. Though function as walk – in clinics it is encouraged to obtain detailed report from the school in which the child is studying. In the OP preliminary evaluation is done by a medical officer on the day of registration. Those requiring detailed work up are given appointments. Children requiring specialised services are referred to the concerned specialties or therapists by the medical officer who does the initial work up.